Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Wreath~

I love this front porch from Southern Living. I saw this picture sometime last year and wanted to make the wreath for my front door... but... somehow time slipped away from me and before I knew it, it was already Halloween.

I love how full it looks and all the the moss in between the pumpkins .
(you can click on the link or picture for instructions on how to make this wreath)
Southern Living

This year I came across this one from Better Homes and Gardens. It looks very much like the other wreath but it is a little less work.
( you can click on the link for instructions)
Better Homes And Gardens

So, I began my search for supplies. First, I went to Hobby Lobby for the small decorative pumpkins but they were 2.50 each. I needed 14 of them and really didn't want to spend 35.00 on pumpkins.

I could have waited until they went on sale but when I'm in the mood to do a project, I have to do it NOW or I will not stop thinking about it (I'm impatient like that) LOL :)  So, I kept looking and looking....and finally ended up finding some pumpkins in the craft section at Walmart for 1.00 each! They are from the Better Homes & Gardens line. Ahhh...14.00 dollars...much better and they look just like the ones from Hobby Lobby! By the way,  I'm loving the Bh&G stuff at Walmart..have you seen their bigger faux pumpkins? They look like the real thing and come in green, white and orange and the best part is that they are only five dollars...Way to go Walmart!

Anyhow...back to the wreath...I followed the directions for the Bh&G wreath. I already had a grapevine wreath and glue sticks so all I needed was a few small decorative pumpkins and black ribbon for the bow.

First, I layed out my wreath and began gluing on the pumpkins...

I made sure to put on a LOT of glue so they stay on well.

I kept working my way around the wreath, leaving an empty space at the top for the bow.

 I made a bow and tied it to the wreath with a black pipe cleaner...then, I hung it up!

I love the way it turned out and it was easy peasy!

Here is my front front door.

Have a Happy Day Friends! :)

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  1. I really love this project. It looks beautiful (love the sparkles on the pumpkins) but easy to do at the same time. And inexpensive - hello! I also LOVE your faux urns. I have been seriously looking for a project like this forevah!! My poor porch needs some love. Thank you for the great idea!!

  2. awesome job! I love how you were able to wait for a cost friendly version...that takes a lot! :)nice job

  3. That looks so nice! You did a great job making it :o)

  4. Totally LOVE your take on an autumn wreath. I am going to watch for some after holiday sales and start accumulating LOTS of these pumpkins for my own wreath. Something about mini pumpkins just cheers me up!

  5. Love your version with the sparkly pumpkins! Very pretty!