Sunday, May 30, 2010

J's Room~

This is my son's room....dont you just love the bed risers? Haha...I need to cover them somehow! I bought the antique bed for $100 and dresser was $ husband and I painted it blue then distressed it. I wish I had taken a before pic! I love the style of the bed and really like how it turned out.

I found the Pottery Barn quilt on ebay for half the cost of a new one :)
This is my inspiration for his's a page I tore out of a BH&G magazine years ago...I LOVE this room! To me, it screams all boy! I love the huge rustic American flag above the bed and the old fence post that says Good Night!

I found this Painted American Flag at Pottery Barn...I would love to purchase this for J's's perfect... but with a $100 price tag... Im wondering if there's a way I could make one? Maybe with a sheet of bead board or just a plain wooden board?

I bought old looking glass knobs at Hobby Lobby for the dresser...

This is a tin sign I found in Canton...I framed it to give it a little more "umph"

These are all of my husbands old marbles...he would play with them when he was child now they are in J's room. I like how they look displayed in the antique jars...and J sooo LOVES to play marbles with daddy! :)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! ;)


  1. I love how his room has turned out. As for the risers, why don't you just paint them to match the bed, then you don't have to hide them?

    I am planning to go to Canton next month. I'm starting to save my $$. LOL


  2. Hi there! Oh I know just the flag you are talking about. I wanted one too but could not spend that much. I did make one and posted the DIY if you would like to read on. I know you cuold do it too :) Here is the link
    Have fun! Susie