Thursday, March 11, 2010

Im back at it again!

It seems I just cant stay away from it for too long! What is it about blogging that is so addicting? Is it just being able to vent away in blogger about all my thoughts and to do lists...well, mostly all of my wish lists but still!

When I've been away too long I miss sharing ideas and finding friendships with other bloggy friends :) But then life gets crazy and then I find myself on here too much when I should be doing other things like laundry, mopping or something fun like that. I dont want to stay away from blogging because its my outlet and I miss it when its gone... but for me, It has to be more structured. SO! My name is Sole' and Im a blogoholic and I promise myself to only Blog AFTER my houshold duties, studies, and everything else is finished. Okay, I feel much better about this now..hee!

Now I gotta go do this P90X! The infomercials are very convincing so I need to try this out and see if I can really get in shape in 90 days..we'll see if I can stick to it! Have a fab day! :)

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