Sunday, March 14, 2010

~My Heart Sings Sunday~


Behold I have sent thee out alone, but I have gone before to prepare thy way; yea, through the darkness to bear a light. I ask thee only to follow Me, for I will surely lead thee in a safe path though dangers lurk on every hand. Yea, I will be thy protection: I will be thy comfort. I will be thy joy.

I will turn the bitter tear to sweet perfume. By My Spirit, I will mend the broken heart. I will pour warm, fragrant oil into the deep wound. For Mine heart is fused with thy heart, and in thy grief, I am one with thee. Yea I will fill the vacant place.

Mine arms shall hold thee, and thou shalt not fall. My grace shall sustain thee, and thou shalt not fall. My grace shall sustain thee, and thou shalt not faint. My joy shall fortify thy spirit even as a broken body is rejuvenated by a blood transfusion. My smile shall dispel the shadows, and My voice shall speak courage.

Yea, I will surely keep thee, and thou shalt not know fear. Thou shalt rest thy foot upon the threshold of heaven. I shall hide thee in My pavilion. Thou shalt have My constant care. I will not leave thee for a moment. I will keep thee from despair: I will deliver thee from confusion.. When thou art perplexed, I will guide thee to wisdom and in judgement.

By thy light shall others be led out of the valley. By thy courage shall the weak be lifted up. By thy steadfastness shall he that wavereth be stabilized. Lo, the hour is upon thee. Look not back. Keep thy face toward the sunrise, for He shall rise fresh daily in thy soul with healing in His wings.

Under every burden,
.....God will slip His hand.
Every gulf of sorrow,
.....His great love has spanned,
Into every heart-ache,
.....God will our His balm:
Ease the pain and anguish,
.....bring a blessed calm.

~Experts from Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dreamy Kitchens~

I have another addiction...and it's called! So much fun browsing through all of the beautiful photos. Here's a few of my favorite kitchens.....

Im back at it again!

It seems I just cant stay away from it for too long! What is it about blogging that is so addicting? Is it just being able to vent away in blogger about all my thoughts and to do lists...well, mostly all of my wish lists but still!

When I've been away too long I miss sharing ideas and finding friendships with other bloggy friends :) But then life gets crazy and then I find myself on here too much when I should be doing other things like laundry, mopping or something fun like that. I dont want to stay away from blogging because its my outlet and I miss it when its gone... but for me, It has to be more structured. SO! My name is Sole' and Im a blogoholic and I promise myself to only Blog AFTER my houshold duties, studies, and everything else is finished. Okay, I feel much better about this now..hee!

Now I gotta go do this P90X! The infomercials are very convincing so I need to try this out and see if I can really get in shape in 90 days..we'll see if I can stick to it! Have a fab day! :)